SLICE VENEERS at DesignEX Sydney

SLICE VENEERS at DesignEX Sydney

Only 1 week to go until Slice Veneers can be seen at DesignEX – don’t miss your opportunity to see this range of FSC certified reconstituted veneers!

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Slice Veneers at DesignEX 2014 – Sydney

Slice Veneers at DesignEX 2014 - Sydney

Slice Veneers offer the most beautiful range of sustainable, wood veneer to architects, interior designers, project builders, cabinetmakers and the shop and office fitting industry.

Available exclusively from Gunnersen, the Slice Veneers range offers 24 different colours of wood veneer and all are FSC certified. Ranging in colour from the soft light oak tones to the dark, rich tones with varying grain structure, the Slice Veneers colour options ensure you achieve your desired beautiful timber finish.

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HI-MACS CONCRETE COLLECTION – Basilica, Pantheon and Colosseum

HI-MACS CONCRETE COLLECTION - Basilica, Pantheon and Colosseum

The sensational new Concrete Collection is able to extend the classic concrete design in applications never seen before. The hygienic and easy-to-clean surface now brings the concrete look into kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications.

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New to the HI-MACS Prestige Collection, Breeze White, Mist and Haze, offer a luxurious finish. These colours offer a marble effect to the HI-MACS range.

Diamond White, a crisp clean white and Chiffon, a soft neutral colour, are new to the Solid colour palette and will compliment any colour schemes.

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5 green home trend evolutions for 2014

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The following was written by Nathalie Sanderson and originally appeared on Greener Ideal.

Energy costs are still rising and 2013 was the 4th hottest year on record. In this tempestuous climate, there are dozens of game-changing technologies waiting in the wings to transform home energy use. Check out these 5 cool green home energy trends that sparked our imagination in 2013 and are set to wow us with new moves for 2014.

green home Photo: Garreth Wilcock

1. Solar Batteries

Solar power has significant potential to transform home energy use, but there’s one big problem: the sun isn’t on at night. In the absence of high-performance, cost-effective solar battery storage to electrify the graveyard shift, the momentum of residential solar power has been limited. Solar battery technology has actually been around for years, but it’s been too expensive to gain much traction. But 2013 saw prices drop dramatically, enough to make…

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Nevamar Laminates Features Exclusive Armored Protection

Nevamar Laminates Features Exclusive Armored Protection

NEVAMAR HPL features our exclusive Armored Protection (ARP) that resists wear and keeps our laminates looking new longer. For over 30 years, Nevamar Armored Protection has been recognized as a performance standard among decorative high pressure laminates. Every day, Nevamar with ARP proves its toughness in schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports, retail shops and other commercial environments. With Armored Protection, Nevamar laminate has more than twice the wear protection than standard laminate (ANSI/NEMA LD3 test method).

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Weathertex Ecoliv Building at Federation Square:

Weathertex Ecoliv Building at Federation Square:

The New Joneses is a social experiment like no other. An eight star energy rated Ecoliv Building clad with Weathertex will be hydraulically lifted into Federation Square with Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew living in the Ecoliv Buildings home from the 10th – 14th February. This will form part of the Sustainable Living Festival held at Federation Square, with an open house for the public on the following weekend of the 15th and 16th of February.

Bartholomew will live in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible, with a minimal waste lifestyle that will educate Sunrise viewers and Federation Square visitors about energy efficiency, the second hand economy and reducing food waste. She will drive a Nissan electric vehicle and purchase her fruit and vegetables direct from farmers to reduce carbon emissions and transport costs.

The Ecoliv Buildings home in Federation Square will demonstrate how prefabricated homes can significantly reduce household energy use with solar power and water saving features that minimise our consumption. This helps Ecoliv Building owners to reduce greenhouse gasses and utility bills into the future. Ecoliv Buildings incorporates a unique approach to the design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce the negative effects of development on the environment making each home as sustainable as possible both now and in the future.

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